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Even if they rarely perform their intended function very often these days, with traditional fireplaces and wood burning stoves increasingly rare to find in West Sussex homes, the chimney is still cherished for being an iconic, striking part of a roof. Seeing them standing against the skyline reminds us of our past, and adds much needed variety and character to an environment. But whether they’re actively in use or simply adorning your roof, it’s still important to ensure they stay in good condition. And that’s what Total Roofing Sussex, trusted roofers for areas including East Preston, Goring, Rustington and Worthing, can help with via a full range of chimney repair and restoration services.

What Can go Wrong With My Chimney?

Over a long enough span of time, your chimney’s exposure to rain, wind and snow can add up to a fair bit of punishment. Mortar can erode, lead flashing fail, and brickwork, pots and cowls start to show their age or signs of damage. This can open up your roof to the elements, leading to leaks, a build-up of damp, or even pest infestation. What’s more, a structurally unsound roof can pose a great risk to peoples and property that pass or sit underneath. Collapsing chimneys can even prove fatal…

That’s why it’s important for clients in and around East Preston, Goring, Rustington and Worthing to invest in the following forms of chimney repair as quickly as possible:

  • Chimney Pot Repairs & Replacement
  • Pot, Cowl & Bird Guard Installation
  • Chimney Reconstruction
  • Chimney Re-pointing

If you’re unsure which facet of your chimney requires TLC, don’t hesitate to contact our roofers. We can carry out speedy diagnostics, before consulting with you to recommend the best course of action and issuing you a quote, which we guarantee to be competitive amongst West Sussex roofers.


Your guttering is an essential part of your roofline which shouldn’t be neglected. That’s why our roofers provide a range of services to ensure they’re able to fulfil their vital function, even in the most torrential of downpours.

Repair – Damaged gutters can lead to issues like water flowing down exterior walls and windows, causing serious water damage that costs a bundle to repair. So it’s well worth keeping on top of gutter repairs as and when an issue arises.

Installation – Sometimes, no amount of repair can fix guttering that’s old and totally degraded. In these cases, our roofers can visit properties in and around East Preston, Goring, Rustington and Worthing to install brand new, modern guttering that suits your home’s aesthetic and architectural character.

Cleaning – A build-up of debris can cause problems for your entire roofline. Water will gradually build-up, placing stress on your fascia and eventually causing overflow / leaks. Regular cleaning, undertaken by the roofers at Total Roofing Sussex, ensures an efficient and functional gutter.

Learn more about our chimney repair and gutter maintenance services by calling East Preston, Goring, Rustington and Worthing’s favoured roofers, Total Roofing Sussex, on 0773 707 1650 .